Trip to Kanyakumari: Chapter 12: Maruthuva Malai or Marunthuvazh Malai: Part 1

After the Sothavilai Beach we took a bus and again reached Nagercoil. From there we took another bus to go to Swamithoppe. Actually we wanted to go to the legendary hill Maruthuva Malai. The Maruthuva Malai also known as the Marunthu Vazhum Malai – the abode of medicinal herbs, forms from part of the western ghats. According to tradition, the Maruthuva Malai is a fragment of the Sanjeevani Mountain, a piece of which fell down here, and it was carried by Lord Hanuman from Mahendragiri to Srilanka for healing the fatal wounds of Lakshmana, the brother of Lord Rama. It stretches for more than a km, reaching a height of 800 feet at the highest point. It is about 2 km from Swamithoppe and 11 km from Nagercoil. This hill is also believed to be noted in Ayyavazhi mythology as Parvatha Ucchi Malai. Apart from the Mythology, this hill is historically related to the life of Vaikundar. So few theologians consider this hill as sacred and consider it one among the Ayyavazhi holy sites. Backing some quotes from Arul Nool and Akilam some even argue that Marunthuvazh Malai is one among the Pathis. It was nearly 2 kms. walk from the bus stop and I took this snap on the way:

Maruthuva Malai

Here’s another snap from close by:

Maruthuva Malai

Then, we started to climb the hill. After a few steps I saw image of Lord Krishna inscribed in a stone.

Image of Lord Krishna

Then, I took another photo of the hill:

Maruthuva Malai

Those were the stairs for climbing up:


After climbing for a while there were no stairs, simply bushes.


When we were about to reach to the top again there were stairs:


At that point I saw some vegetation:


Then, we found a temple at the top:


But this wasn’t the top of the hill there was a path on the right side to go up. We continued on that path and we found carvings on the hill:


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  1. Manivannan:

    Nice…..Good Collection

  2. admin:

    Thanks Manivannan.

  3. Radjagobal Radakichenane:

    Dear All,
    This is very true that, MARUTHUVA MALAI is a part of Snjeeva Parvatham carried by Great Hanumaprbhu, during Ramayna Kalam. I am a Tamizhan from PONDICHERRY and I am living in Hyderabad. I am so lucky and blessed to get a Great and Wonderful Opportunity to read the ” Sri Padha Sri Vallabha Charithamrutham” a biography written in Sanskrit by a Great Devotee Sriman Sankarbhat Iyya 700 years ago during the period of Sri Padha Sri Vallbha Swami Garu about Swami Sri padha( First Avathar of Sri Dattatreya Prabhu). It is mentioned in the book that, the above legend ( Sri Hanuma Prbhu and Sanjeevani Malai) of Maruthuva Malai and it has been also told that it is a Siddha Boomi and Very Holi place. During the period when Sri Padha Sri Vallbha Swami Garu lived with his physical body in Kuruvapur/Kurungadda of Raichur District in Today’s Karnatakka(Tahbovanam of Sri Padha Sri VAllabha Swami Garu) and Pittapuram of Today’s Andhra Pradesh ( Birth Place of Sri Padha SriVallbha Swami Garu), Sriman Sankar Bhatt Garu, meets two Siddha Purushargal one in the form of a saint and another one as a Tiger( Swami Vyagreshwar lived as a tiger).

    Please Visit Maruthava malai. it has Valuable Medicinal Plants and Siddha Purushas.

    Digambhara Digamabhara Sri Padha Vallbha Digambhara – Please recite this manthra Always.

    Maruthuva Malai is a great gift too Tamilians, as it is in our land.

    If you want to know the truth about Maruthuva Malai, please call me. 09010996444, 09908333558.

    Anegha Kodi, Nanrigal for the great soul who made this blog and published the Great Maruthuva Malai. I pray , Lord Sripadha to bless and protect the Punya Athma who all involved in making this information Public.

  4. Radjagobal Radakichenane:

    For further information, about Sripadha Sri Vallbha Swami Garu “”.

    Please note that Sri Dattatreya is the Combined form of Sri Maha Vishnu, Sri Brahma and Sri Maheshwara. I will be happy to give more information on Sri Pada Sri Vallbha Swami.

    9010996444, 09908333558

  5. admin:

    Radjagobal, thanks for the additional information. God bless you too! Dear friend. Have a good one!

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