Trip to Kanyakumari: Chapter 9: Padmanabhapuram Palace: Part 7: Archaeological Museum

The arms armory kept here are taken from the armory of Padmanabhapuram Palace. They are datable to the 16th to 19th century AD. They include spear and shield, dagger, different kinds of swords, guns, etc. The swords handled by eminent personalities like Ramayyan Dalawa the king of Chempakassery, De Lannoy, Raja Kesavadasa, Velu Thampi Dalawa etc. are also kept here.

Different items in the museum:

  • Knife and Handcuffs:
  • Knife and Handcuffs

  • Coins:
  • Coins

  • Spears and Shield:
  • Spears and Shield

  • Lamps:
  • Lamps

  • Swords:
  • Swords

  • Capital Punishment Cage:
  • Capital Punishment Cage

  • Guns:
  • Guns

  • Swords:
  • Swords

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